Andrey Berezin: Biography of a Top Entrepreneur

It is now evident that investments in the scientific and industrial spheres have brought significant results. The production facilities controlled by Euroinvest have localized some promising developments that interest Russia and abroad. It was this failed life scenario that Berezin began to reproduce about ten years ago. He initiated the acquisition of three industrial enterprises, one after the other, specializing in industrial electronics.

  • Berezina Holding cooperated and still works with the Leonhard Euler International Charitable Foundation for Mathematics, which helps organize educational events.
  • In 2022 alone, the construction asset of the investment holding, founded by Andrey Berezin, commissioned about 200,000 square meters of housing.
  • One of them is an increased interest in the company’s products on the part of major Russian players in the market of the knowledge-intensive industry.

The need to intensify education development in Russia has been discussed for a long time by many leading officials. However, the problems of the system are apparent and complex, being engrained from the beginning in pre-schools, all the way up to universities and colleges. One of them is an increased interest in the company’s products on the part of major Russian players in the market of the knowledge-intensive industry. Almaz-Antey Concern signed an agreement with Rigel to supply a new generation of traction batteries this fall.

Andrew Berezin

By the mid-1990s, Andrey Berezin, biography of whom already included several large projects, decided to establish his own investment business. In 1995, left this business, ceding his share to the co-owners. The entrepreneur maintained good relations with his former business colleagues and subsequently provided financial and other support to the consortium on several occasions. He didn’t shy away from low-status jobs and worked part-time as a janitor at a factory in Leningrad.

berezin andrey

The developer takes the community’s expectations, innovations, and individual needs into account. When referring to this experience, we are talking about the Euroinvest holding and its head, Andrey Berezin. On account of the businessman today, there are three industrial enterprises with a rich history, large teams, and an agricultural complex in the Pskov region. In particular, there are plans to build three kindergartens and a school for 825 students in the iD Kudrovo residential complex. Moreover, the business structure is currently exploring the promising market segment of constructing rental houses. The construction company, like other assets under the management of Berezin, never uses borrowed funds for its work.

Berezin Andrey: Basic information

Andrey took part in big infrastructure projects and development of waste heat recovery technology and natural gas vehicles in the Russian oil and gas sector. Andrey is a graduate of Harvard University, Ural Federal University, and RUDN University with graduate degrees in Civil Engineering, Investment Management, Finance, and International Economics. In May 2017, the managers of IC Euroinvest established a venture fund Euro Venture with an initial amount of € 10 million. Priority investment areas are innovative developments in the scientific and technical sphere and projects in the creative industry.

In 2017, with real estate now a priority for the holding company created by Berezin Andrey, Euroinvest Development was established, with operations in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region. The company is involved in comprehensive land development, laying engineering communications, constructing residential buildings, and commercial real estate. In 1990, Berezin Andrey defended his thesis and then became a graduate student. According to the businessman, an in-depth knowledge of mathematics formed his systemic thinking, which later aided him in managing his own business. These roots were training at the abovementioned school of physics and mathematics and then at the Leningrad Mechanical Institute named after D.F. There the future businessman showed considerable success in learning and science and wrote several interesting articles.

It is essential that the table was not only replaced with new furniture, but the equipment was designed according to the theory of schoolchildren health preservation developed by a famous Russian pedagogue Vladimir Bazarny. Today Euroinvest is a diversified holding company, which includes companies and projects from different economic sectors. The plant’s projects in the field of medical diagnostics are no less interesting. The same X-ray units, for example, are used in the mobile complex for breast tumor diagnostics that are now being created. Due to the device’s portability, doctors will be able to use it directly in the operating room, obtaining detailed results of the analysis of the tissues taken for testing in a few minutes. Consequently, this will help make decisions about further treatment without leaving the operating table.