A development team’s structure plays a significant role in a project’s success. Surely, other factors like developers’ expertise, experience, and talent are extremely important. Yet, proper management and teams’ structure allow profiting from these factors as well as making the whole development process easier and faster. This is why software companies create interdisciplinary software development teams structures with various specialists and sub-teams to cover all grounds. Below you’ll find descriptions of the most common software development team members in an Agile software development team.

What is the structure of a software development team

However, if your company is running multiple Agile projects simultaneously, having dedicated PMs is vital. They would connect the dots between high-level stakeholder requirements and day-to-day task execution on a team level, while, say, a Scrum Master would manage things within the team. If you have a small-scope project, you can use one of the freelance websites. For example, this is how much it costs to hire specialists depending on the software development role on Upwork.

Software Development Team Structure Examples

Here, you have to identify the problem that your software must solve. This stage sets the foundation for the whole project’s direction. It also makes sure that the client’s business goals will software development team roles align with the final product. Software development team size can also be dependent on how much time you have. Usually, the tighter the deadline, the more professionals you have to bring in.

What is the structure of a software development team

Moreover, since Agile emphasizes flexibility, keeping the project scope under control may sometimes be challenging. Regular feedback and adaptation to change are integral to this software development team’s organizational structure. Promoting continuous learning and improvement is also vital in maintaining the team’s performance. The Solution Architect designs the system’s architecture and ensures it aligns with business needs and system requirements.

Software Developer

The right skills are vital but must align with the team and organization’s culture. QAA Engineers write automated tests – small programs that run in the background and constantly test your application, so if something goes wrong, you will know what immediately. Information Technology Custom solutions and integrations for products in need of innovation.

What is the structure of a software development team

Owing to the breadth of expertise, generalist teams can offer solutions for product design, business analytics, software logic, and user interface. In the same way, backend https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ developers create algorithms and business logic for the app to function well. Prepare project briefs with tangible targets for the software development team.


A project manager, upon receiving a project, is also the one who decides what software development methodology to use for the product. We’ll give a brief outline of all the software development team roles and responsibilities. During the recruiting process for a software development team, one needs to fill the following roles and responsibilities. I am a passionate and experienced product leader, with a proven track record in designing and implementing software products that bring tangible business results. I thrive in fast-paced cross-functional teams, and perform best under pressure.

The principles of Agile incorporate both efficiency and flexibility, which helps teams maximize their potential and get more done. Here are some of the key benefits of using an Agile software development team. The Agile methodology emphasizes productivity, transparency, and flexibility in the software development process.

How agile teams collaborate across departments

They track all the necessary data to make conclusions and propose solutions to help you reach your business objectives and ensure that users fall in love with your product. A backend developer takes care of everything that goes „under the hood of an application“. Backend engineers are the key problem solvers in the development process.

  • For example, a UX/UI designer on the team may also have some knowledge of Java.
  • Let’s explore some roles and responsibilities in the Agile software development team structure.
  • These specialists working together may deliver real proof that your product is viable.
  • A specialist structure incorporates experts with highly specialized skills and who are experienced in dealing with narrow tasks and responsibilities.
  • A specialist team consists of multiple experts from different domains and backgrounds.

You need to know that UX and UI are related but still unique. UX designers work with your software development teams to create designs to make sure every element of a website or app is optimized for maximum engagement and enjoyment for your users. Your User interface designers help make the UX designer’s ideas a reality. They work with color palettes, typography, icons, and other visual elements of your software.

Full-Stack Developer

This is a team of professionals with broad and versatile knowledge in a variety of development skill sets. For example, a UX/UI designer on the team may also have some knowledge of Java. A positive user experience depends on their skills and knowledge. Both teams are the big cheese of the project, so make sure you deal with true professionals. This entire post went at length to show you all the parties involved in a software development process. While there is some red tape involved in this and members might be dissatisfied with the lack of creative freedom, it’s a controlled environment.

What is the structure of a software development team

But if you have a great idea, along with understandable project goals o and insights from this article, you’ll be fine. Choosing the right people is like putting the pieces of a puzzle together. Gathering professionals together won’t make it work unless you define the team type and establish clear roles and responsibilities for each member. The project manager is responsible for getting things done.Self-organized and self-managed team.

Factors that Define the Development Team Structure

Having proper project management in your team allows you to focus on your product and business instead of on keeping track of every little detail. The type of software you are working on can make a huge difference in the way you structure your software development team. This is because each software program has its own unique technology and requires specific skill sets to work. Many of today’s tech professionals have specialized skill sets, and you’ll need to find the right people for the specific type of technology you’re working with.